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2017/12/20 Pentester lab Testing
2017/12/20 Cybrary Documentation
2017/12/20 What nobody tells you about documentation Documentation
2017/12/20 Hacks to Avoid Cognitive Biases Testing
2017/12/20 Cross browser testing Testing
2017/12/20 Joe Colantonio Testing
2017/12/20 Execute Automation Testing
2017/12/20 Abode QA Testing
2017/12/20 Software Testing Class Testing
2017/12/20 Sticky Minds Testing
2017/12/20 Software Testing Help Testing
2017/12/20 Guru 99 Testing
2017/12/20 Katalon Studio Testing,Tools
2017/10/05 Skype Interview Jobs
2017/10/05 Earth Wind Map Fun
2017/10/05 Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You Life
2017/08/31 Principles of Chaos Engineering Testing
2017/08/31 Testing Education Testing
2017/08/31 Using the .NET IL Linker Tools
2017/08/26 Beta Family Testers Testing
2017/08/26 Free Code Camp Web
2017/05/26 99 Tests Testing
2017/05/26 Association for Software Testing Testing
2017/03/28 Bad SSL Web, Tools, Testing
2017/03/28 To WWW or not WWW Web
2017/03/28 What are some things you wish you knew when you started programming? Development
2017/03/28 U.S. Web Design Standards Web, Design
2017/03/28 Open Source Guides Development
2017/03/28 Seeing Theory - Probability and Statistics Math
2017/03/28 InvestorPlace Dividends Investing
2017/03/28 Grad Money Investing
2017/03/28 DiviData Investing
2017/03/28 Dividend Channel Investing
2017/03/28 The Motley Fool Investing
2017/02/05 Color Hunt Design
2017/02/05 Timer Tab Tools
2017/02/05 Goals vs. Systems Life
2017/02/05 Online Typing Practice for Programmers Tools
2016/11/30 JS Foundation JavaScript
2016/11/30 Regex 101 Regex
2016/11/30 The Bug Count Also Rises Fun, Testing
2016/11/30 Dramatically Reducing Software Vulnerabilities Development, Testing
2016/11/30 Intern. Software testing for humans. Node, Testing
2016/11/30 Error Handling in Node.js Node
2016/11/30 How to contribute to an open source project on GitHub Github
2016/11/30 U.S. Web Design Standards Web, Design
2016/11/30 Material Design Design
2016/11/30 International Software Testing Qualifications Board Testing
2016/11/30 Less Wrong Learning
2016/11/30 Microservices Ecosystem Transit Map Web
2016/11/30 Regex Storm Regex
2016/10/01 Transcendental Granola Fun
2016/10/01 JavaScript Enlightenment JavaScript, Book
2016/10/01 Best free Node.js Tutorials JavaScript, Node
2016/08/28 Nodecasts Web, Node
2016/08/28 Monaco editor Web
2016/08/28 Heroku hosting Web
2016/08/28 ADEPT method to learn new things Learning
2016/05/23 SourceTree Git, Tools
2016/05/23 Golden Rules for Making Money (1880) Fun
2016/05/23 OverAPI Programming
2016/05/23 GitKracken Git, Tools
2016/05/23 Google Mobile Friendly Test Testing
2016/03/19 Sauce Labs automated browser testing Tools,Testing
2016/03/19 Using PhantomJS and GhostDriver with Selenium WebDriver in .Net Testing
2016/03/19 Sauce Labs automated browser testing Tools,Testing
2016/03/19 The Art of Unix Programming Programming
2016/03/19 Say yes to using WWW Web
2016/03/19 GitHub Code Review Tools Tools,GitHub
2015/12/02 Making LastPass more secure Tools,Security
2015/12/02 U.S. Web Design Standards Web,Design
2015/12/02 Major-General Sir Herbert Stewart Fun
2015/12/02 Office Code Pro Font Font
2015/12/02 GitHub Desktop Tools
2015/09/01 Visual Studio Code Tools
2015/03/19 How SQLite Is Tested Testing
2015/03/19 Bug finding is slow in spite of many eyeballs Testing
2015/03/19 Authentication Cheat Sheet Security,Web
2015/03/19 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code Development
2015/03/09 Three years of Practical Software Engineering at Lifelock Testing,Development
2014/08/07 How to create a file with a . dot prefix in Windows Explorer Tools
2014/08/05 My secret to getting rid of burnout permanently Mindfulness
2014/07/23 Bootstrap Themes CSS
2014/07/22 The elegant art of not giving a shit Mindfulness
2014/07/15 QA is Important Testing
2014/07/16 CSS Diner CSS
2014/07/15 IDE Online Development
2014/06/26 UTest Testing
2014/06/20 The Science of Problem Solving Development
2014/06/16 Online Color Challenge Fun
2014/06/16 American Software Testing Qualifications Board Testing
2014/05/28 Coding principles every engineer should know Development
2017/05/21 Testing Ember.js Testing
2014/05/20 The multiplicative slowdown effect of testing Testing, Development
2014/05/20 Single Responsibility Principle Development
2014/05/15 Programming Sucks Development
2014/05/14 Testing Katas Testing
2014/05/14 SSL Certificate Check Tools
2014/04/21 The Philosophy of Computer Science (Stanford) Development
2014/04/16 vis.js | a dynamic, browser-based visualization library JavaScript
2014/04/11 The Tester's Headache Testing
2014/04/10 Conversational patterns in BDD | Liz Keogh, lunivore Testing
2014/04/10 Integrated Tests Are A Scam Testing
2014/04/07 Progress Button Styles CSS
2014/04/05 Scott Hanselman's Complete List of Productivity Tips - Scott Hanselman Development
2014/04/04 XMind: The Most Professional Mind Map Software Tools
2014/04/02 Steve Tooke - The Cucumber Test Trap Testing
2014/03/14 Why Good Managers Are So Rare - Randall Beck , and James Harter - Harvard Business Review Development
2014/03/11 Microservices Development
2014/02/27 Atom Tools
2014/02/26 Try Regex—an interactive regex tutorial RegEx
2014/02/20 James Bach's Blog Testing
2014/02/19 Levels of Excellence | Azimuth Development
2014/02/18 Therac-25 - Wikipedia Testing
2014/02/10 Copper Kettle Brewing Company Beer
2014/02/10 CAUTION: Brewing Co. Beer
2014/02/06 Exploratory Testing == Fun Productivity | Expert Testers Testing
2014/02/06 Equivalence Class Testing | Expert Testers Testing
2014/02/06 Ebooks Books,Testing
2014/02/06 Enjoy testing: Free download - Software Testing Books Books,Testing
2014/02/06 Enjoy testing Testing
2014/02/06 E.W.Dijkstra Archive: 1985 Development
2014/02/05 Context-Driven-Testing Testing
2014/02/04 James Bach lecture on testing Testing,Video
2014/02/04 The Tipue blog - The complete guide to centering a div CSS,Web,Design
2014/01/31 Fallacies Development
2014/01/30 GitHub Guides Github
2014/01/30 Goals of Test Automation at Testing
2014/01/28 Exploratory Testing (PDF) Testing
2014/01/09 Seven Habits Study Guide Books
2014/01/08 Agile Test Automation PDF Testing
2014/01/08 Testing
2014/01/08 Ten reasons we switched from an icon font to SVG - Ian Feather Font,CSS
2014/01/02 JavaScript Patterns JavaScript,jQuery
2013/12/31 Developsense Blog Testing
2013/12/31 Gerald Weinberg's Secrets of Writing and Consulting Testing
2013/12/31 Exploring Uncertainty Testing
2013/12/31 QA Hates You Testing
2013/12/31 Test Side Story Testing
2013/12/31 Michael Hunter the Braidy Tester Blog Testing
2013/12/30 SFDPO - James Bach - Satisfice, Inc. Testing
2013/12/30 Thoughts from the test eye Testing
2013/12/30 HICCUPPS Testing
2013/12/30 Hiccupps Testing
2013/12/30 Ministry of Testing | Co-creating Smarter Testers Testing
2013/12/30 James Bach - Satisfice, Inc. Testing
2013/12/30 Software Quality Assurance and Testing - Stack Exchange Testing
2013/12/27 Coding Horror: Making Developers Cry Since 1995 Testing
2013/12/27 Expert Testers Testing
2013/12/26 The Taxonomy of Terrible Programmers Development
2013/12/02 Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Development
2013/11/20 .NET Fiddle CSharp
2013/11/07 What Long Hours Really Mean Development
2013/11/05 7 Sins of Doomed Teams Development
2013/10/28 Learn Git Branching Git
2013/10/23 United We Stand - Redesigned State Flags Fun,Design
2013/10/16 Wabi-sabi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Design
2013/10/07 GitHub Glossary Github
2013/10/04 Using Katas To Improve Development
2013/08/21 Programming Fonts Development,Font
2013/08/12 Absolute Centering in CSS CSS
2013/08/05 Git Best Practices git
2013/07/29 E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The Humble Programmer Development
2013/06/25 Dilbert Daily
2013/05/20 Understand How It Works Development
2013/04/26 Programming Quotes Development
2013/04/23 How I Learned to Become a Failure Development
2013/04/23 Bad code is the first step towards good code Developmentweb
2013/02/13 Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds fun
2012/12/14 Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries Development
2013/12/05 FileZilla - The free FTP solution Tools
2012/11/07 Permission to Suck Development
2012/11/06 Unit testing best practices Testing
2012/10/23 Indent style Development
2012/10/23 Kill the Zombies in Your Code Development
2012/10/15 Adobe Source Code Pro Font Font
2012/10/12 Programmer Competency Matrix Development
2012/09/28 The Four Elements of Simple Design Development
2012/09/28 Gokhale Method pain-free back, neck, hips, knees, feet... Health
2012/08/31 Atari Arcade Fun
2012/08/21 Believe you can change Teaching,Development
2012/08/20 Russell Kirsch - Inventor of the Computer Development
2012/08/15 Computer Science | Khan Academy Teaching,Development
2012/08/10 Design Tip: Never Use Black by Ian Storm Taylor Web,CSS
2012/08/02 Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby Ruby
2012/08/01 Kanban at Microsoft Kanban
2012/07/30 Troy Hunt: Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco Security,Web
2012/07/20 Wrong Development
2012/06/21 RegEx Fiddle RegEx
2012/06/21 Programming Like Kent Beck Development
2012/06/19 Falsehoods programmers believe about time: Noah Sussman: Infinite Undo Development
2012/06/14 A Rebase Workflow for Git | Git
2012/06/14 Avoiding Git Disasters: A Gory Story | Git
2012/06/05 Twitter Bootstrap Web
2012/06/05 Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap Web
2012/06/04 Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development Web
2012/05/23 Programmer 97-things Development
2012/05/21 kuler CSS
2012/05/15 Learn to code | Codecademy Teaching,Development
2012/04/24 Feynman's Nobel Ambition Development
2012/04/24 I have no idea what I'm doing by Nathan Kontny Development
2012/04/19 Stripe Web
2012/04/13 Demonstrating Responsive Design Web
2012/03/30 The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web Web
2012/03/30 Stubbornella » Blog Archive » Overflow – a secret benefit CSS
2012/03/30 Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen CSS,Font,Web
2012/03/29 Understanding the this keyword in JavaScript JavaScript
2012/03/26 JavaScript pattern and antipattern collection JavaScript,jQuery
2012/03/21 Your identity ≠ Your code // Collective Idea Development
2012/03/16 General: – an article from iansyst Ltd Web
2012/03/14 The Elements of a Clean Web Design Web
2012/03/06 Coding Horror: How to Hire a Programmer Development,Teaching
2012/02/02 SQL Fiddle SQL
2012/01/25 Z-Type Fun
2012/01/24 Nerd Merit Badges - Welcome Shopping
2011/12/06 HTML5 Elements Quiz HTML
2011/11/28 CSS Reference - MDN CSS
2011/11/10 There, I Fixed It - Redneck Repairs Fun
2011/10/17 Getting Stuck Development
2011/09/26 Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music Fun
2011/09/26 College for Financial Planning - Online Testing CFFP
2011/08/25 The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security Security
2011/08/25 Zen Stories Teaching
2011/08/23 ART && CODE Symposium: Hackety Hack, why the lucky stiff on Vimeo Video,Development
2011/08/10 Kindle Cloud Reader Books
2011/08/08 10-immutable-laws-of-mistakes Teaching
2011/08/04 Free Icons CSS,Web
2011/06/16 CSS Lint Testing,CSS
2011/06/16 CSS3 Generator CSS
2011/05/31 Practice Development,Kata
2011/05/27 Apprenticeship Patterns Books
2016/08/24 The Tao Of Programming Development
2011/05/10 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD Health
2011/05/03 Troy Hunt: The 10 commandments of good source control management DVCS
2011/04/12 Web
2011/04/11 Github Issues Github
2011/04/06 My Reviews Books
2011/04/04 Coding Horror: Quantity Always Trumps Quality Teaching,Development
2011/03/21 Hillsong Church Podcast
2011/03/19 Pirates Love Daisies: An HTML5 Tower Defence Strategy Game Fun
2011/03/17 Teaching Kids Programming–Video Training for Teachers ... Teaching,Video
2011/02/28 Hacker News Daily
2011/02/27 Introduction to Test Driven Design (Testing) Testing
2011/02/20 Code Review - Stack Exchange Development
2011/01/24 jQueryUI Icons List / Cheatsheet jQuery,javascript
2011/01/18 Razor Syntax Quick Reference Font
2011/01/12 The Transformation Priority Premise - Uncle Bob's Blog Testing
2011/01/12 Learning Advanced JavaScript JavaScript
2011/01/11 CSS: CamelCase Seriously Sucks! — CSS Wizardry—CSS, Web Standards, Typography, and Grids by Harry Roberts CSS
2010/12/17 Mash-Up Your Bootz Fun,Security
2010/12/17 Last Pass Tools,Security
2010/12/15 InfoQ: Integration Tests Are a Scam Testing,Video
2010/12/07 Telerik Web
2010/12/01 COLOURlovers Web
2010/11/24 10,000 Hours To Develop Talent Teaching
2010/11/03 Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator Web
2010/10/19 The Clean Coder: The Cost of Code? Development
2010/10/18 First Git Repo Video,Commented,Git
2010/10/18 How test-driven development works (and more!) Testing
2010/10/16 GitHub Github
2010/10/16 GitHub Markdown Github
2010/10/07 Command line - WinMerge 2.12 Manual WinMerge,Git
2010/10/06 git-config Git
2010/10/04 This Developer's Life Development,Podcast
2010/09/30 Git Reference Git
2010/09/30 The official US time (NIST) Tools
2010/09/24 StackOverflow Development,Groups
2010/09/22 What is the Romans Road to salvation? Religion
2010/09/22 Set The Bozo Bit Development
2010/08/28 .:: NOTEPAD++ ::. Tools
2010/08/26 Pro Git Git,Books
2010/08/26 Git - Fast Version Control System Git
2010/08/26 What's my IP?, What's my browser? ~ FindMeByIP ~ Web
2010/08/23 Mocks Aren't Stubs Testing
2010/08/23 Adventures in .NET: Creating Your Own IoC Container inversion-of-control
2010/08/09 Software Testing and Quality Assurance Videos & Tutorials Directory Testing,Video
2010/08/09 Limited WIP Society - Home of Kanban for Software Development Development
2010/08/03 MVC 1979 by Trygve Reenskaug MVC
2010/07/26 WinMerge WinMerge,Git,Tools
2010/07/22 Martin Fowler Development
2010/07/19 Model-View-* MVC
2010/07/19 The New Methodology Development
2010/07/16 JQuery Core Style Guidelines jQuery,javascript
2010/07/07 MCP eStore Shopping
2010/07/07 ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses Shopping
2010/07/05 Index of the HTML 4 Elements Web,HTML
2010/07/05 HTML Codes - Table of ascii characters and symbols Web
2010/07/05 ASP.NET MVC: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site,mvc
2010/07/05 - Where Geeks Eat,mvc
2010/07/05 Problem Solving Development,Teaching
2010/07/05 Javascript Regular Expression Validator | Regular Expressions Library ... RegEx
2010/07/05 Transact-SQL Reference SQL
2010/07/05 ArticleS.UncleBob.TheBowlingGameKata Testing
2010/07/05 Code Smell Development
2010/07/05 Computer Science Unplugged Development,Teaching
2010/07/05 Denver VS UG Development,Groups
2010/07/05 stewshack's Snippets Development,Groups,Commented
2010/07/05 Text Ascii Art Generator Web,Fun
2010/07/05 Mastery by George Leonard Development,Books
2010/07/05 Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books ... Shopping
2010/07/05 you've been HAACKED Development
2010/07/05 Stack Overflow Development
2010/07/05 secretGeek Development
2010/07/05 Scott Hanselman Development
2010/07/05 MSDN Magazine Development,Magazines
2010/07/05 Google Books Fun
2010/07/05 css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design Web,CSS
2010/07/05 Coding Horror Development
2010/07/05 College for Financial Planning Designations CFFP
2010/07/05 College for Financial Planning EDU CFFP
2010/07/05 College For Financial Planning COM CFFP
2010/07/05 College for Financial Planning - Alumni Information CFFP
2010/07/05 Wired News Fun