Black is Back Belgium Tripel Outcome

By: Dan Stewart
March 7, 2014

Here is the outcome of our version of the Zymurgy May/June 2013 recipe called Black is Back Tripel.

Black is Back Belgium Tripel



We followed our usual brewing process.


The beer has carbonated in bottles. We drank one bottle the first weekend of
October, but it was flat, and the flavor was very simple. The article says to age the beer six months to a year. We will try one every month. It’s going to be interesting to see how the taste changes over time.

After six months, I finally started to like this brew. The alcohol taste has disappeared and a little bit of complexity is starting to appear. The carbonation is perfect.

The beer needs a better name. How does, “Donker Driedubbel Bier” sound? It’s Dutch for “dark tripel beer”. We could call it “Donkers” for short.

Now I want to rescue another black dog just to name her Donkers.