By: Dan Stewart
February 13, 2023

A roadmap helps you think long and short term one layer at a time.

What is a roadmap?

A roadmap is a communication tool. It is the first step in my process of product ownership. I create the roadmap in Smartsheets. At the end of creating the roadmap, I have a clear way to communicate the vision, direction, and future state of the product.

Elements of a Roadmap

Be proactive and start with the goals. Let me use an example from my life. My goal is to become a better product owner. To accomplish this I need a measurable objective to reach. This is the habit of beginning with the end in mind.

I know I am a better product owner when:

Now we put first things first. Reflect on why this is a goal. What is the purpose of attempting to reach this goal? I want to be a better product owner so that I am successful at my job. I know that I am successful at my job when my manager is happy with the work I do, and gives me positive reviews. Successful product owners help team morale because they know that they are working on things that bring business value. I am finding fulfillment in my work because I am proud of the level I have achieved.

By understanding the goal and the purpose, I was able to write my personal mission statement.

Helping education technology teams work on the right thing at the right time to deliver student success.

A part of putting first things first is understanding the current state. How close am I to becoming a better product owner? What gaps do I have? These steps will happen in my next phase of gathering requirements.