Release Notes

By: Dan Stewart
February 25, 2023

After the feature is released, I write release notes and post them to a Google Site. I also email them to certain distribution groups and individual stakeholders. Release notes describe the feature and the business value it brings.

Why Release Notes

Release notes are like a press release for your product. They inform stakeholders on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Elements of Release Notes

Elements of a Release Notes Item Description

I start with "what" then "why". "Who", "where", "when", and "how" can be added if the "what" and "why" are not obvious.

Here's an example.

StewShack 2023.02.25

What's New


Bug Fixes


The release notes should be published on a website so that links can be made to it from several places. It should not require a login to see them. Marketing might want to create a press release. The release notes might go viral on social media. Even email could be used to certain stakeholders.